Movie Review – Lion***1/2


Saroo gets lost in the streets of Calcutta and get adopted by an Australian couple. He then comes back to find his roots with the help of newly launched app Google Earth. Lion is almost like a fiction but is based on a true story. The best part of this movie is Sunny Pawar playing young Saroo. If Dev Patel is nominated for supporting actor (Surprisingly) then Sunny should have been nominated for best actor. You almost feel his pain and loss when he roams through the dark alleys of Calcutta trying to find his mother and escaping the inevitable. The cinematography is absolutely stunning and at the same time terrifying capturing Calcutta it is darkest.

Cut to Australia you are looking at Patel romancing life and Lucy played by the extremely talented Rooney Mara. He eventually drifts apart trying to find his roots after bumping into some Indian friends in a party. Dev Patel does a great job as an actor and he also get the Australian ascent spot on. Mara on the other hand is sort of wasted as there is not much value add considering the talent she is. Her character I thought was half baked. Nicole Kidman also does a fair job with her part. In fact acting across the board is very good. This is a good feel good and trilling movie for the entire family.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good



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