Movie Review – Logan****


Now this the Logan we were waiting for. It is more rustic, realistic and with only restricted to adult viewing could retain the originality of the comic book. It also retains the one liners and humor it is known for. This time the much old Logan is trying to save a young girl from the evil corporation behind developing and using mutants as weapons of mass destruction.

Be it Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart or the little Defne Keen are superlative. Especially Keen is a welcome addition. The action is top class with blood all around. The music, camera and overall directing James Mangold is a notch or two higher than what we have seen in the past X Men movies. But all is not glory here as I found the length of the movie to be longer than required which made some of the scenes repetitive and after sometime the hard hitting action gets overwhelming. Also the villains in the movie are not as effective as they should be.

Overall this is defiantly a great entertainer for all X Men fans and otherwise. If you like the Mad Max Fury Road kind of movie then this is for you. It is sure to ring the Oscar bell in some departments, Hugh Jackman should be ready for a call.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good



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