What’s on my TV

Now I have been watching some TV lately and no these are not the usual saas bahu drama that unfolds every day on our usual channels. These are also not the shows which run for hundreds of episodes. These are the once which go on in seasons typically 6 to 8 if it is a mini series and and between 10 to 24 for the full series. So here is a list of what I am watching nowadays and what you can expect from these series

This is us (Season 1)


I did not ever think I will review a drama like this. Usually dramas are long, boring and repetitive. But not this one as it is a beautifully crafted one and according to me one of the best you can watch as on date. This series is in its first season and deals with three siblings. The relation between them and their individual once. It also deals with the experiences of their parents while raising them in a different timeline. The best part is the mesh it has created when traveling through these timelines. It is so seamless that you don’t even realize that you dealing with these timelines till the end of episode 1 and then from episode 2 the development of these adult characters start. Another thing which is noteworthy here is the acting especially by Mandy Moore and Sterling K Brown.

Lucifer (Season 2)


Now how can a show about the Devil not be good. This has style, glamour and above all Tom Ellis as the Devil himself. It is fun watching the Devil crack some of the twisted crimes in the city and fight his personal demons in his Human avatar on this earth . And yes he also has a love interest and as with all of us his powers don’t work on her, in fact he is helpless. “What is that you desire deep down” as the devil says. This series is in its second season.

Westworld (Season 1)


If you want to watch a show which has a budget, scale and star cast of a top Hollywood blockbuster sci fi movie than look no further. With an A list talent like Anthony Hopkins & Ed Harris you cannot go wrong. Produced by J. J. Abrams & Jonathan Nolan, this is set in the future. Westworld is a theme park with western landscape. No one and nothing is real here. People get to become what they want be and do what they want to do which in their real life they can’t. As there are no stakes involved you get to see the most darkest and bloodiest part of people. Everything is fine until something goes wrong. This first season of 10 episode will take you in a ride you will never forget.

Homeland (Season 6)


The world is going through a troubled time with terrorism being top on the doomsday clock trigger list. How can the CIA not have a crack at it. Be it Afghanistan or Pakistan or back in their home country the USA. Currently in its sixth season Carrie Mathison has done it all. Played by Claire Danes, she is won multiple Golden Globe and Emmy winner for this very role. You can call her the Meryl Streep of TV. This show is just brilliant and I guess I am not writing something new about it.

Firefly (Season 1)


Now this is a old one. This series was released in the year 2002 and only ran for a season  before being discontinued but it has generated a cult following who have rank it on of the top shows of all time in the history of TV on IMDB. Since 2002 we have come a long way when it comes to space explorations especially in terms of technology but this has that nostalgic feel about it and also has that so so classic western look to it.

Hope you like my list and I will be sharing more as an when when the year unfolds. Till then happy TV watching.



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