Movie Review – Naam Shabana*


Naam Shabana is sort of a prequel to Baby’s Character played by Tapsee Pannu which to her to fame she currently enjoys in the industry. But this is no Baby and is dry and boring like hell and it has more to do with the lack of good direction. The first half deals with Shabana’s back ground as to why and how she becomes a spy & the second half completely falls off trying to catch a less than impressive international drug dealer.  I also wonder who trains these spy’s in this movie as they keep getting killed without much of a fight.

Tapsee Pannu kindly of had a straight face through out the film. As a matter of fact non of the character had any shades when it come to depth in characterization. They all felt so cut out from one block kinds. Only Akshay Kumar had few one liners and fun but he has limited stake in this film so it does not bother him if this film tanks. The writing is poor and as I said direction is worst I have seen in a so called A grade film.

Watch it only on TV. Sad to see a female lead movie do so bad. I had high hopes.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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