Movie Review – Noor*1/2


Adopting a film from a book is no joke and films like Noor proves it. Now I have not read Karachi you are killing me to know how good it is but the film is most defiantly boring as hell.  There is actually two movies in one, the first is played out in the first half which is focused on Noor the character and is better than the second one which deals with the more darker stuff.

The good part about Noor is Sonakshi Sinha and I am glad to say so as she is one actor along with Kangana Ranaut who get to carry a movie purely on their merit. She has come a long way from Dabang days. Some of the songs are nice and the movie is two paced and lacks continuity. This is a classic case of one movie trying to make everyone happy and ending up achieving nothing.

See it on TV if you have time. Noor such a nice name 😦



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