What’s on my TV

By this time you guys know that I am investing some of my time watching TV and have recently reviewed a TV show that too a drama. That says a lot about the content that is now available on television. This is the generation of internet and lot of content is directed to people like us who are constantly connected to the net on our laptops or on our smartphones. From Netflix to Amazon to Indian services like Hotstar, you have a lot of or choices. So here is what I have been watching lately.



Yes the dame Indian Premier League cricket. I have met quite a few people who ask me “IPL why? who watches IPL?” Well many do and I for one for sure. It is great fun, it is a change from my usual movie watching spree and I get so see some young talent who some years back were at the mercy of selectors. It has done big favors to Indian cricket and it is a fantastic platform for the young Indian players. It is three hours of entertainment. And yes I am a big Kolkata Knight Riders fan.

Mozart in the jungle


Here the characters are part of a symphony playing in NY. I love music and a show based on music is a natural choice. Plus when it blends with sex and drugs by the way the name of the book it is adopted is also ‘Mozart in the jungle: sex, drugs and classical music. The casting is spot on with Gael Garcia Bernal and in the lead Lola Kirke in the lead and season 4 also has Monica Ballucci as a guest star what more do you want? Add to that the skill of creators like Roman Coppola and Paul Weitz and you have a tastefully done drama full of different shades of life. It is really beautiful and funny, you should definitely check it out.

Silicon Valley


This is by far one of the wittiest and funnest shows TV has to offer today. Every character on this show has a cult following with my favorites being Dinesh played by Kumail  Nanjiani and Erlich Bachman played by T J Miller. You will feel the emotions these characters go through but even if it is sad scene you will still be laughing.This is aperfect getaway you would like at the end of a day full of stress.



This is Archi with a twist. Unlike Archi the comic the story revolves around a murder in Riverdale. The premise is much darker and the characters are spooky, at least some of them are. I like Jughead Jones played by Cole Sprouse. He is not your usual burger eating ever skinny loose cannon but a much more serious guy having a troubled back story and is the one who is narrating the story in the back ground. For a change he is smart.

The Flash


This is my favorite superhero series. The lead character Barry Allen are well played Grant Gustin and he will give the new DC Flash which debuts on Justice League on the big screen a run for its money. There are is a lot of science here from time travel to changing timelines. Unlike Arrow, flash is much more lighter in presentation and fun to watch. This is the ideal way to make a superhero series. It is a departure from the usual darker tones used in today’s superhero movies which started from the Dark Knight franchise.


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