Movie Review – Wonder Woman****1/2


Finally DC has done it and it is a women who does wonders and goes the name Diana. After a long time we have a DC movie which has more colors than just black and grey. Wonder Woman is real fun with action, drama, humor basically everything a blockbuster movie should have. Everyone should has something for himself or herself and they should come out of the movie theater talking good about that they experience. True nothing in this world is perfect and we don’t need perfection but the movie should deliver what it sets out to do and this surely doesn’t disappoint.

Gal Gadot my God she was good. Any speculation of a miss cast is not put to rest. She was good in all scenes and she was great in action. Basically she looked the part and made this roles hers for ever. Also her chemistry with Chris Pine was so good. The one liners the respect for each other with their limitations all very good. Chris Pine also did justice to his role and in no way looked a support cast. He was very much a part of the total experience. My only issue with the entire script is the lack of good villeins. It is a origin story for sure but somewhere you get the feeling that the character has been set up for bigger contributions in Justice League.

Special mention to Patty Jenkins and all the writers (all male) proves that if they work in synergy they can create wonders. Watch it on the big screen to really enjoy it.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good



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