Movie Review – War for the Planet of the Apes****


Planet of Apes franchise is one of the favorite in the recent past. There is a cult following since the very first film way back in the 50’s. Seldom you will see people having a mixed opinion either they love or hate it I being in the former category. Coming to the movie itself, it is a worthy conclusion to two vastly superior prequels the Rise and the Dawn. Where the movie lacks a bit is the pacing as some of the portions looked stretched and any lesser actor than Andy Serkis would have ruined it. Andy is and will remain synonymous to the iconic Caesar. The movie also falls a bit short in terms of a strong villain. Don’t get me wrong Woody Harrelson as the Colonel is good but not as menacing as Coba, Another good addition to the characters has been Steve Zahn as the Bad Ape.

You cannot pin point a single glitch in the whole movie in terms to motion capture and special effects. This franchise has been a standout in this department. The music has also been excellent. Some of the shots filmed in the dark with just lasers coming out of guns of the solders are just fantastic to watch. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this series and you are new to it I suggest watching the other two parts first. You will not be disappointed.

*Poor ** Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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